Professional Resume Layout

An important aspect of your resume to consider is to ensure that you have a professional resume layout. Often times we see a resume layout which gives the feel of a teenager writing it versus a working professional. We'd like to take the opportunity to highlight some things that can help you ensure that your resume is using a professional resume layout.

In one of our past (and most popular) posts we provided a useful resume layout example. Taking a look at these examples, you get a sense of the professional resume layout we are talking about. Each example gets straight to the point of conveying the candidate’s professional background, which is clearly conveyed in their professional resume layout.

An important thing to avoid in order to ensure you have a professional resume layout is to avoid words such as "I", "You" or other similar pronouns. Using these types of words takes away of the professional feel of your resume layout and detracts from the impression that your prospective employer will have of you.

Another important cliché to avoid in your professional resume layout are any attempts at humor or "cutesy" type comments (unless you are applying for a comedy club perhaps). These types of statements in your professional resume layout immediately flag you as someone who is likely not up to the professional standards of the company.

Lastly, when considering your professional resume layout, avoid any statements about yourself or your personal life. Stick to your accomplishments, skills, and any other aspect of your professional background that will be of value to the employer. Follow these tips when refining your resume and you are well on your way toward a successful professional resume layout.

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