Professional Resume Layout - Examples and Great Tips

Ensuring that you have a great professional resume layout is critical to making yourself stand out among the job searching competition. In addition to the words on the actual resume itself, how you present it to an employer is very important.

Whether you are going to a career fair or going to an interview, you will need to have printed examples of your resume on hand. As always, you want these to have the most professional appearance possible. To achieve this, make sure that you print your resume on on high quality, heavy weight paper. This type of paper has a thicker, more expensive feel to it. Additionally, when printing them out, make sure to use the highest quality setting on your printer. If you do not have a printer capable of quality prints, head to a local printing shop or Kinko's to get this done. You will want to store your resumes in a professional looking binder, preferably leather bound.

No one will take your professional resume layout that you have worked so hard on serious if you yourself do not come off as professional. Follow the usual advice of dressing nicely for the interview or career fair. It can't hurt to be too dressed up for the occasion. Additionally, spend some time practicing a strong, firm hand shake prior to the event itself. If this is the first time a prospective employer is meeting you, the first thing they see will be how you present yourself and not your resume. Make sure that both come off as very professional.

By following these tips you will be well on your way toward generating a professional looking resume layout that will help you land that high end position.