Resume Layout- How To Use Your Resume To Prepare For An Interview

If you've spent enough time looking at resume layout examples and learning how to use your resume to get an interview, you're ready to prepare for the all important interview.

As we repeatedly stress on this site, your resume layout does not need to tell your entire career story. Instead, the resume layout just needs convince the employer to call you in for an interview. Once you've landed the interview, your work with your resume layout isn't done. You need to carefully prepare for the interview and you can do that in part by studying your resume layout.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the employer conducting the interview and imagine the questions they might ask after reviewing your great professional resume layout. For example, in the experience portion of your resume layout you may may mention "delivered $150,000 in cost savings by qualifying a more efficient assembly machine". After reading this in your resume layout, its reasonable to expect the interviewer may ask questions such as "how did you qualify this machine" or "how did you calculate the estimated cost savings".

The key is going through line by line of your resume layout and asking what questions might this spark in the person interviewing me. As you may already have guessed, you can also specifically place things in your resume layout or word it in such a way as to cause the employer to ask you a particular question. For instance you may want to impress them with the overwhelming amount of training you've received in a particular area but don't want to bring it up out of the blue. By hinting at this experience in your resume layout, you may be able to catch their curiosity and make them ask the question to which you have an impressive answer.

As hopefully we've demonstrated here, your resume layout is a valuable tool not only in acquiring an interview but also in ensuring that you make a great impression once you're there. Stay tuned to Resume Layout Advice for more great advice.

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